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Proposal passed to make Palestine a permanent member in UN; Angry Israeli ambassador tore UN charter, said- opened doors for modern Nazis

Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan got enraged after the proposal to make Palestine a permanent member was passed in the United Nations Assembly. He tore the UN Charter during his speech. He said that by tearing the charter they are showing a mirror to the United Nations.

In fact, on Friday, Arab countries had proposed in the UN General Assembly to make Palestine a permanent member of the UN. Which got the support of 143 countries including India. At the same time, only 9 countries including America and Israel opposed the proposal. With the passing of this resolution, Palestine has qualified to become a member of the UN.

Palestine’s membership violates the UN Charter
Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan has called the proposal to make Palestine a member a violation of the UN Charter. He said, “This day will be remembered as a day of infamy for the UN. I want the whole world to remember this moment, this immoral act. This is a disastrous vote. You are flouting the rules of the UN with your own hands.” Are.”

Referring to Hamas, he said, “The UN has opened its doors to modern Nazis. So I have come to tell you the result of your vote. You will soon meet Yahya Sinwar, the President of the terrorist country of Palestine. Will thank you.”

According to Qatar’s news channel Aljazeera, this is Palestine’s first step towards gaining recognition as an independent country in the world. Before voting, Palestine’s Ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour had asked 193 countries to vote in favor of Palestine. He had appealed to the countries that with your decision today we will get freedom in times of war.

Will Palestine become a permanent member of the UN if the resolution is passed?
The UN General Assembly cannot grant full membership to Palestine, although it may give Palestine some special rights. From September 2024, Palestine will be able to sit among UN members in the Assembly Hall, but will not have the right to vote in any UN resolution.

After the proposal for permanent membership is passed by the UN, it will go to the UNSC According to the New York Times, America will veto this. This has happened before also. In fact, in April this year, a proposal to make Palestine a permanent member was presented in the UNSC. There were also 12 votes in favor of the proposal. But the proposal was not passed due to America’s veto. Now a UN General Assembly has asked the Security Council to reconsider its old decision.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said the passage of the resolution shows that the world stands with the rights and freedom of the Palestinian people. This was Palestine’s second attempt to gain full membership in the UN. Earlier in 2011 also, voting was held in UNSC regarding giving membership to Palestine. Even at that time America had vetoed the proposal.

अमेरिका और इजराइल के अलावा 9 और देशों ने फिलिस्तीन के खिलाफ वोटिंग की।

China says America is ruthlessly blocking Palestine proposal
China has expressed happiness over the passing of Palestine’s membership proposal. Also criticized America. China’s representative in the UN, Fu Kong, said that America is ruthlessly using the veto against Palestine. This is making it difficult to correct the injustice done to the Palestinians.