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Ukraine changed its tactics in the war with Russia, 60-year-old policy is causing havoc

Ukraine is attacking on the front foot. It is shaking Russia. The situation has become such that Russia has come on the back foot in many areas, because Ukraine has not only destroyed Russia’s defense system but has also entered the cities and attacked so much that people are leaving the cities. The situation is the same in Russia’s border city Belgorod. In the last 24 hours, Ukraine has made rapid attacks on Belgorod. Apart from this, drone strikes were also done on oil refineries in Kursk and Bryansk. Ukraine carried out these attacks under a special strategy.

However, in return, Russia bombed Luhansk and Donetsk. But what Ukraine did in Belgorod was so horrific that it has created an uproar in the Kremlin. Ukraine has used all its might to wreak havoc in Russia. The weapons used in this attack are Kamikaze Drone, Storm Shadow Missile, ATACMS and Rocket Strike.

Not only this, Ukraine has used chemical bombs. Four Russian officers were killed in the attack in Belgorod, Ukraine, while more than 12 were injured. This time Ukraine carried out targeted attacks in which the aim was to completely destroy Belgorod. Till now Ukraine was fighting a guerrilla war. But for the first time in the war, it used a 50-60 year old war strategy. Just like America did in the Vietnam War to destroy the defense system.

Understand what is Ukraine’s ‘Vietnam Formula’

Ukraine has adopted the Wild Weasel method. Just like America used it in the Vietnam War. In this method, the enemy’s radar and defense system are made to fail. This time Ukraine sent 3-4 bombers to Russia’s airspace. Meanwhile Russia traced them through radar. But before Russia could attack, those bombers returned. Then immediately 3-4 jets entered Russia’s airspace from another direction. Attacked Russia’s radar system and air defense.

Russia’s missile site and command center were destroyed. After the attack, the way was cleared. Then Russia was shocked by attacking with drones and missiles. However, Russia has given a befitting reply to Ukraine’s attack. Russia has claimed that it shot down 7 drones in Belgorod. While it has also said that 8 airplane type drones were shot down in Kursk. But the amount of destruction that Ukraine has caused in the areas adjacent to Russia’s border shows how much preparation Ukraine has done.

It started attacking immediately after the consignment of weapons arrived and Belgorod was the first target. According to the mayor of Belgorod, 11 people have been killed in the attack, including 2 children. He says that the attack was so devastating that it seems that many more people may still be buried under the rubble.

People buried under the rubble of the building are being rescued. This work will be completed in some time. So far, bodies of 15 people have been recovered. Earlier yesterday evening, three people were also killed in the attack. A woman died in the hospital. A total of 19 people have died. Missiles were fired on residential areas and oil refineries were also the target in Ukraine. Belgorod oil refinery was set on fire by a rocket strike.