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Joe Biden agrees to send weapons worth more than US $ 1 billion to Israel

US President Joe Biden has again taken a U-turn in the Gaza war case. Biden, who had so far threatened to stop the supply of weapons to Israel if it attacked Rafah in Gaza, has changed. Now the Biden administration has told key lawmakers that the US will send weapons and ammunition worth more than one billion US dollars to Israel. Three US Parliament personnel gave this information. He said that it is not yet known when this consignment of weapons will be sent.

The Biden administration had banned the sending of a consignment of 3,500 bombs worth 2,000 pounds to Israel this month, after which it has now been revealed that the US is sending the first consignment of weapons to Israel. Regarding the ban on sending weapons, the Biden administration had said that it had stopped the supply of bombs to prevent Israel from using those particular weapons in its attack on the crowded southern Gaza city of Rafah.

The package includes everything from tanks to ammunition

US Congressional staff said that the weapons package announced on Tuesday includes everything from tanks to ammunition. The amount for this is about US $ 700 million, $ 500 million for tactical vehicles and $ 60 million for mortar rounds. They gave information about the supply of weapons on the condition of anonymity, which has not been made public yet.