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Israel Hamas War: Israeli tanks reached Rafah city of Gaza for the first time, Hamas refused to negotiate

The war between Israel and Hamas continues. Meanwhile, this is the first time that Israeli tanks have reached Rafah Centre after the ground operation. Meanwhile, countries around the world have protested the military action taken by Israel in Rafah. According to a Reuters report, people living in Rafah city told that Israeli tanks were seen near Al-Awda Mosque, which is a historical site of Central Rafah. Although, no statement has been issued by the Israeli Army in this regard, but they said that their operation is ongoing.

Firing continues

Local residents say that a large part of the city has been damaged in the military action by Israel. At least 45 Palestinians, including children, women and the elderly, were killed in the attack on Sunday. Hamas has said that apart from this, at least 26 more people have been killed in Israeli firing. Israeli tanks have been continuously bombing while moving towards the western areas. Locals say that on Tuesday there was firing between Israeli soldiers and Hamas fighters in the Zurub area.

Netanyahu called it a ‘terrible mistake’

It is worth noting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reacted to the death of 45 Palestinians in the city of Rafah. Netanyahu has said that the killing of displaced Palestinians in the attacks on the southern city of Gaza on Sunday was a ‘terrible mistake’. Israel is being condemned in the international world for this incident. According to the Health Ministry run by Hamas, at least 45 people were killed and hundreds of others were injured in the Israeli attack.

Hamas reacts

Meanwhile, after the Israeli military action on Rafah, Hamas has reportedly told the mediators that it will not negotiate a ceasefire or prisoner exchange agreement. A senior Hamas official, Osama Hamdan, said in a press conference in Beirut that we will not release Israeli hostages and if we do, it will be on our terms. Israel is facing international criticism due to its war against Hamas. Israel’s close allies, especially the US, have expressed deep displeasure over the death of civilians.