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Storm causes massive destruction in America, 22 people died; warning issued

At least 22 people have died in the powerful storms that hit Central and South America last week. A large number of houses and business establishments have been completely destroyed due to the storm, power supply has been disrupted. People have lost their lives due to the devastating storm in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kentucky. Meanwhile, intense heat and heatwaves from South Texas to Florida have set new records.

Warning issued

Meteorologists have predicted that the weather on the East Coast may worsen after Monday. Millions of people who have gone for holidays have been advised to return from the East Coast in view of the weather. At the same time, tornado warnings have been issued from North Carolina to Maryland. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear had declared a state of emergency in view of the bad weather. Beshear told reporters on Monday that five people have died in his state. The Governor’s office said that a 54-year-old man died of a heart attack while cutting a fallen tree in Caldwell County in western Kentucky.

There is no water and no electricity

Officials said 22 people have died in bad weather-related incidents, including seven in Cook County and eight in Arkansas. In the city of Charleston, Kentucky, many houses have been destroyed and power supply has been disrupted due to the storm. Charleston has been directly affected by the storm on Sunday night. Rob Linton, fire chief of ‘Dawson Springs’, said, “The situation here is very bad. Trees are fallen everywhere. Houses have collapsed. Power supply has been disrupted. There is no water and no electricity.”