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‘We will take back all the land from Russian occupation…’, Ukraine rejects Putin’s ceasefire proposal

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed an immediate ceasefire to Ukraine, but for this Ukraine will have to call back its troops from the border areas won by Russia in 2022 and withdraw its application for NATO membership, but Ukraine has rejected Putin’s proposal, calling it illogical.

Ukraine hits back at Putin’s statement

In response, it has been said that Ukraine will not stop the war without getting back all its territories. Russia’s attacks in Ukraine started in February 2022 only after Ukraine’s application to join the US-led military organization NATO. After 28 months of heavy bloodshed and being largely isolated globally, Russia is now looking for a deal with Ukraine, but Ukraine, which has signed a ten-year security agreement with the US on Thursday, is no longer ready to retreat from the battlefield.

A peace conference on Ukraine will be held in Switzerland

Putin’s proposal comes when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is with US President Biden and leaders of other allied countries at the G7 summit in Italy. After this, a peace conference on Ukraine will be held in Switzerland on 15-16 June, in which representatives of about 100 countries and organizations are expected to participate. Big announcements can be made in this conference to help Ukraine.

Putin gave a warning with the proposal

By the way, G7 countries have already made a big announcement of economic aid of $ 50 billion to Ukraine on Thursday. In a program organized in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Putin said that he wants to turn this painful page of history and wants to normalize relations with Ukraine and European countries in a phased manner. If Ukraine and Western countries reject his proposal, then he will be responsible for the continuation of bloodshed in Ukraine.