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13 people died of heatstroke in Delhi, many on ventilators, heat becomes fatal

The heat in Delhi remains deadly. People are falling prey to heat stroke due to the scorching sun and heat wave. 13 people have died here. Out of these, 9 patients of heat stroke were admitted in RML Hospital. Whereas 4 patients were undergoing treatment in Safdarjung Hospital. Currently, many people suffering from heat stroke are on ventilators in both these hospitals.

9 patients died of heat stroke

The heat in Delhi is so severe that the number of patients is increasing continuously. In the last two days, 36 patients suffering from heat and heat wave have been admitted in Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. 11 patients are on ventilator. 9 patients have died of heat stroke.

Record of last 12 years broken

The record of last 12 years has been broken in Delhi on Tuesday night. This is eight degrees more than the normal temperature.

What is heat stroke?

Let us tell you that heat stroke is a life-threatening condition which heats up your body more than necessary. Such a situation occurs when the body temperature crosses 40 degrees Celsius i.e. 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the most severe form of hyperthermia or heat stroke. It can lead to paralysis or death. Let us tell you that feeling hot is the first stage of heat stroke and if there is no relief from heat for a long time, it turns into heat stroke.