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Kiran joined BJP along with her daughter Shruti Chaudhary, resigned from Congress after being upset with it

Haryana Congress MLA Kiran Chaudhary and her daughter former MP Shruti Chaudhary joined BJP today. They joined BJP party in Delhi. During this, senior BJP leaders including Haryana CM Manohar Lal were present.

Resignation sent to Kharge

Let us tell you that Kiran and Shruti resigned from Congress on Tuesday. In the resignation sent to Congress President Kharge, Kiran wrote, it is very unfortunate that Congress is being run as a personal fiefdom in Haryana. There is no place for an honest voice like mine in it. People like me are suppressed in a very planned manner. From time to time, insults are made and conspiracies are hatched. My efforts to represent my people and maintain values ​​are being hindered. At the same time, Shruti Chaudhary further wrote that the Congress party has unfortunately become one person-centric, who has compromised the interests of the party for his selfish interests.

Shruti is the granddaughter of former CM Bansi Lal

Former CM Chaudhary Bansi Lal’s family had a good influence in the Bhiwani- Mahendragarh Lok Sabha constituency. Shruti Chaudhary is the granddaughter of former CM Bansi Lal who has been an MP from here. For quite some time, rumours and speculations had been rife in the political corridors but after her resignation from Congress on Tuesday, the picture became clear. Kiran will also decide the political future of her daughter Shruti.