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Tata Group will set up a manufacturing unit in Uttarakhand, a skill development center will also be ready

All the efforts made by the Uttarakhand government to promote the industry sector in the state, including the Investors Summit, are seen to be successful. Tata Group’s proposal to set up an electronic city in Uttarakhand is pointing towards this. In fact, officials related to industry, including Secretary Planning R Meenakshi Sundaram, were trying for this for a long time, which has now been approved by the Tata Group. The special thing is that Rudrapur Khurpiya Farm has also been selected for this manufacturing unit of Tata Electronics. This unit will be set up here on about 350 acres.

Sub components of semiconductor chip will be prepared in the unit

There is a huge demand for semiconductor chips in countries around the world. It is needed in everything from cars to mobile phones. In such a situation, there is a competition among the countries of the world to prepare the semiconductor chip, which is considered the backbone of the electronic sector. At present, Taiwan is leading the whole world in this field. Therefore, now India is also taking steps forward to manufacture semiconductor chips in collaboration with Taiwan. For this, Tata Group is going to set up a big unit in Gujarat, while preparations are also being made to set up units in different states for manufacturing its sub-components. For this, Tata Group has decided to set up a manufacturing unit in Uttarakhand after Assam.

Several rounds of talks with Tata Group

Government officials have held several rounds of talks with other officials including Tata Electronics CEO Dr. Radhir Thakur. A meeting has also been convened for this under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Radha Raturi, while Secretary Chief Minister and R Meenakshi Sundaram, who is handling the responsibility of planning, is constantly in touch with Tata Electronic Group. Efforts are being made to set up this big manufacturing unit of Tata Group in Uttarakhand as soon as possible.

Tata Group will also set up Skill Development Center

Not only will a manufacturing unit be set up for the sub-components of semiconductor chips in the state, but skill development centers will also be set up to skill the youth. According to the information received, Tata Group will set up two skill development centers. On one hand, this will lead to skill development of the youth, and on the other hand, employment will also be provided through a large number of units in the state. Planning Secretary R Meenakshi Sundaram said that several rounds of talks have been held with the Tata Group. The government is making efforts to set up a manufacturing unit soon.