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US said- India-Pakistan should have direct talks, ready to work with PM Modi in Indo-Pacific

The US has supported direct talks between India and Pakistan. US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller says that the pace, scope and character for direct discussions should be determined by both countries. At the same time, the US also reiterated its commitment to give importance to its relations with India and Pakistan. Apart from this, on the Indo-Pacific strategy, the US said that India remains a close partner of the US not only at the government level but also at the people-to-people level. The US will continue to work with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government on the Indo-Pacific strategy.

Matthew Miller held a press conference on Thursday. During this, he was asked what is the US reaction to Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif congratulating Prime Minister Narendra Modi for securing a third term, he said, we value our important relations with both India and Pakistan and support direct talks between the two countries, but the pace, scope and character should be determined by both countries, not by the US.

Let us tell you that on June 10, Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif congratulated PM Modi on taking oath as the Prime Minister of India for the third consecutive time. At the same time, former Pak PM Nawaz Sharif also congratulated PM Modi and said that BJP’s success in the recent elections reflects the people’s faith in PM Modi’s leadership. In response to which PM Modi posted on Instagram and thanked both of them.

During the press conference, the journalist asked Miller where India-US relations stand after PM Modi took power for the third time? Responding to this, Miller said, US-India share close economic and cultural relations. Both countries will remain partners working on the Indo-Pacific strategy.

Let us tell you that on June 9, Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Prime Minister of India for the third consecutive time. His swearing-in ceremony was organized at Rashtrapati Bhavan. President Draupadi Murmu administered the oath of office to Narendra Modi. After PM Modi was sworn in for the third time, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan visited India for the first time on June 17. During this, Sullivan met PM Modi and informed him about the progress in various areas of bilateral cooperation under the Critical and Emerging Technologies (ICET) initiative.