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Kenya: Tear gas shells fired at former US President Obama’s sister, she was protesting against the bill

Protest against Kenya’s controversial finance bill Former US President Barack Obama’s half-sister Auma Obama was also protesting. According to media reports, tear gas shells were fired at her during this demonstration.

Kenyan British activist Auma Obama, who is also the half-sister of former US President Barack Obama, is supporting teenage protesters in the protest against the Finance Bill. During this, she was talking to a media person when tear gas shells were fired at her. She said that I cannot watch anymore, tear gas shells are being fired at us.

Media reports said the proposed tax hike is the target of widespread protests in Kenya, which are expected to culminate in a complete shutdown of the nation. People of the country are holding rallies under the title of 7 Days of Rage in response to the Finance Bill 2024. Which has led to additional days of unrest across the country.

Barack Obama’s sister Auma Obama said that I have come here because all this is happening. Young Kenyans carrying flags and banners are demonstrating for their rights. Kenyan President William Ruto has declared that he is proud of the protesters and hopes to talk to them. Meanwhile, security personnel were accused of kidnapping well-known Kenyans with large followings.

Ahead of the protests scheduled for Tuesday, Amnesty International Kenya said it was investigating the whereabouts of the 12 people kidnapped in the middle of the night, according to media reports. Amnesty Kenya’s executive director Irungu Houghton said the list included bloggers, content creators, human rights campaigners, doctors and legislative staff. The protests come amid Kenya’s growing international profile after US President Joe Biden designated the country as a major non-NATO ally on Monday, the first time a sub-Saharan African country has been given the designation.