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Robot commits suicide in South Korea, was troubled by excessive work, scientists were shocked

A strange case has come to light in South Korea. Because here a robot has committed suicide. The robot has committed suicide by jumping from the stairs. After the robot’s suicide attempt, scientists are now considering it a subject of investigation and research.

What is the case of robot suicide?

The case of robot suicide is from South Korea, here the Municipality of Central South Korea gave information and said that it is going to investigate the case of robot suicide.

When did it work –

According to the report, the robot used to work from 9 to 6. He used to do public service here and he also got a card for it. It had the work of other robots. Because it was also given the work of elevator operation. This is the reason why people say that the robot has taken this step due to its pressure. In South Korea, work has been done by machines since a long time. It is said about here that there is one robot for every 10 people.

Why did the robot commit suicide?

However, many different claims are being made about this till now. But reports claim that the robot had a lot of work pressure and it was very upset due to this. At the same time, an official of the Central South Korea Municipal Corporation said that this robot had been helping the residents of Gumi city in administrative work for the past one year. Before jumping from the stairs, the robot did something that people are considering it as a suicide.