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Uttarakhand / Haldwani: Haldwani: Snake terror, 18 people bitten, treatment going on in Sushila Tiwari Hospital

If you are leaving the house at night during the monsoon season or going to the room in the dark of night, then be careful. Because due to rain these days snakes are coming out of their burrows. The havoc of snakes is being seen in Haldwani.

Terror of snakes in Haldwani

Let us tell you that the havoc of snakes is being seen in the rainy season in Haldwani. Snakes have bitten 18 people in different areas. After which all the people have been taken to Sushila Tiwari Hospital for treatment. Where the team of doctors is engaged in treating everyone.

Snakes coming out of burrows as soon as the rain starts

Let us tell you that at present, due to the start of rain, there is waterlogging everywhere. Due to water filling everywhere, snakes living in burrows have started coming out. As soon as the rain starts, they are leaving the forest and coming to people’s homes. Due to this, cases of snake bites are suddenly coming to the fore.