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Indonesia: Landslide in gold mine due to heavy rain on Sulawesi Island, 18 people missing, 12 dead

A major accident has happened on Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island due to heavy rains for several days. Here on Sulawesi Island, torrential rains caused a landslide in an illegal gold mine. At least 12 people have died due to the landslide. 18 people are still missing. It has been learned that five people buried under the soil in the accident have been rescued safely. However, the rescue team is searching for 18 missing people.

164 employees are searching for missing people

164 employees including National Rescue Team, police and military personnel have been deployed to search for the missing people. Rescue workers have to cover a distance of about 20 km i.e. 12.43 miles to reach the landslide site. Here the rescue operation is facing trouble due to mud on the road and continuous rain in the area.