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Uttarakhand: Health facilities in the mountains are dependent on doli, the patient was taken to the road by walking 12 km and then taken to the hospital

Once again, news has come out from Pithoragarh which exposes the claims of development in the mountains. Where due to lack of road, a person from Metli village fell ill and was carried 12 km on foot to the road in a doli. From where the patient was taken to DDhat Hospital through 108 ambulance.

The patient was taken to the road by walking 12 km

The officials talk about building health facilities and roads in the mountains but often these things prove to be mere rhetoric. Some such pictures come out from the mountains which expose these claims. Once again such a picture has come out from Pithoragarh.

According to the information received, the health of a person from Metli village of Dharchula development block deteriorated. Due to lack of road, the villagers had to bring the patient to the road by walking 12 km. After which the patient was taken to the hospital through 108 ambulance.

Heli service could not be arranged

It is being told that the body of Metli resident Indra Singh (46) son of Trilok Singh suddenly swelled up. The swelling increased so much that he was unable to walk. Seeing his condition, the family members demanded the district administration to arrange for a helicopter. The district administration assured to arrange for a helicopter but the helicopter did not reach them.

Brought to the road with the help of a doli

Due to the condition being very bad, the villagers brought him to the road in the monsoon through the bad roads with the help of a doli. After which an ambulance was called and he was taken to the DDhat Community Health Center. Where after giving first aid, he has been referred to a higher center.