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Truth and Reality


 Palak Chawla

Are you rich ? Are you poor ? no matter what you are, you are still locked. Where will you flaunt your new dresses or go to 5stars when everything is locked?  Everyone in this world was just running before, running  for this  period of rest in adulthood or in later years. It just came a little early, what now? most of the people doesn’t even know what to do now,even how to pass their time.Yes they do have money but no place to use it. I guess now it gets better to understand that money cant indeed buy happiness. There are a number of reasons which proves money can’t buy you happiness. It turns out, things will only make you happy for so long.

A new watch or expensive item of clothing may bring you momentary happiness, but it won’t bring you lasting joy. Things like family, community, connectedness, a sense of purpose and meaning, and self-actualization are what make people truly happy. Having money can make you feel secure and even open a few doors, but it won’t truly make you happy in the end.  We all are wandering somewhere in need of greed, or running to satisfy our needs for future. But what beholds the future? I believe this  precious time of quarantine should be used in discovering what actually makes you happy ?

WHO reports shows that poor people who lives on street have better immunity than riches living in bunglows and are more prone to get virus. Quality Education shelter and basic needs persists but still are those responsibilities or the greed of working more for money leading us anywhere near to happiness ? Discovering the possibilities of being happy in this lockdown will directly lead you to more moments of true happiness. Lets give it a try before this gets over and we still run after money in the hope of buying happiness from it .