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The Biggest Agony of the Era

Shivali Goyal

The world at present is  facing the  biggest catastrophe of the era. The unknown devil named as Covid-19 started from the city of Wuhan, China has gradually engulfed almost the whole world and is going on thrusting the world at an unbeatable pace . It seems like the world is not able to handle the devastating effects of the Covid-19. The effects of it are so severe that even the most powerful economies of the world have gone helpless and derailed and are feeling too small to fight against the virus. States economies , there health system and and there lifestyle all have crashed very badly .

The society as a whole has gotten confused and have no idea how to handle the situation . Already the nations are trying there level best to control the situation including India and in the meanwhile new liabilities and responsibilities have emerged up for India . Now the priorities of the whole world has got changed .

All the medical staffs, sanitation workers, officers of the law system and media people has emerged as the frontline workers and warriors in this hour of crisis. Now the doctors are looked as living gods and all the supports as angels .

But what an irony in the time of this extreme crisis still there are few who are blundering with this situation and creating tough times for all those who are trying to get control over this devil. As in the case of India some people instead of thanking those who are helping them , are disrespecting, abusing and beating them . There have been several First Information Reports ( FIR ) done by doctors and nurses due to misbehave done with them by the some insensitive and inhuman people .

There have been cases were healthcare professional reported that they have been thrown on the streets because they work in medical sector . When rapid response team of one of the media houses asked some doctors and medical staff about the effects of Coronavirus on them , they told that they never thought that being in such a profession would end up throwing them out of there own homes . One of the nurse told that she is facing so much problem that she is forced to live in a one room flat with her mother and child because her landlord kicked her out of the house because she feared that I might carry coronavirus with me . Another nurse  told how she lied to the people of her colony saying she now works in a restaurant due to the fear that she would not be able to live in her house if the colony knows that she works as a nurse .

There have been cases where even a doctor was thrown out of his own house by the people of his colony because they feared that he might carry the virus. Some doctors are forced to live in there duty rooms because they were instructed to empty there houses by there landlords because of the fear of the virus . The conditions are more worse for some. There have been instances were the nurses have to sleep on floors of the hospitals because they have nowhere to go . Numerous complaints have been done by medical staff that they are being subject to rudeness of people because of there profession . Even the Delhi Government applealed  to people for not being insensitive towards the doctors and other medical staff.

This is not all even our police force is being beaten time and again at different places by these lunatics .At this time of crisis rather than strangling with our life savers we should abide the law and try to thank all those who are helping us in coming out of this life and death crisis.But as the time passed the situation changed drastically . “ Earlier  where  doctors were seen as  Gods , now are seen none less then Devils .”Suddenly  something  happened  that  changed  the  minds  and   hearts  of our   frontline warriors  .

Now  the  doctors  and  the  medical  staff  has  started   avoiding  their  duties  and  have become  brutal and inhuman towards  the patients of covid -19 and there family members . It felt like somewhere while playing the role of our frontline warriors , in the journey  they  somewhat lost there emotions  and  with this also forgot  their main duty  for which people trusted them and  even placed them in the place of  God .

Somewhere while trying to save the human race they themselves became inhuman .“ Now hospitals have became the other  name for hell ” .{ The conditions in the hospitals are “  horrible ” and  “ pathetic  ”  as quoted by the Supreme Court itself . }

Where earlier  people were  being  inhuman towards the frontline warriors . Now they have become inhuman and emotionless  towards  the  patient  infected by the virus and their families .

Surprisingly even the government has changed altogether and even their approach towards the people .  The  authorities  higher – ups are  trying to cover- up the bitter reality of how covid – 19 patients ,  their families and  death bodies of  covid -19 patients are being treated in hospitals . Administrators and the  Government is trying every single way to hide the true reality from the people. Their have been many charges of manipulation and forging of data on the  government of different  states . Be it about the number of patients died from the covid – 19 virus , number of patients infected with corona virus or number of patients died in a specific hospital , data of all this is being  manipulated  by  the government . This is not all , even the figures of number of patients criminated in a cremation ground are also being forged and manipulated  .

Thankfully, with the intervention of the fourth pillar of the government , that is media , the horrible reality of cover-ups and mistreatment done by the medical staff has “ come into      light ”that till now have been “ under the cover of darkness ” .People are now scared of going  to the hospitals . Now they are thinking of the option of trying to cure themselves  at home as much as possible .  They have lost their trust and faith in the  administrators and the government .

It seems now that whenever this pandemic ends their would  be a new and   bigger problem awaiting for us . For which we have to think a new way of dealing with . “The new problem will be the problem of depression , trust issues and economic crisis ” .Nobody knows how will we cope up with this .I just wish that just “ like every black night brings a golden morning with it ”  this  “ horrible period passes and bring a new hopeful period with it ” !!!!!