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Do Masks Prevent The Spread Of Covid-19

Shireen singh

Mask might help to  keep people with COVID-19 from unknowingly passing along the virus Body- People are still questioning whether the mask is the ultimate solution to the coronavirus or not. With the virus on its peak and more than 4 lakh deaths worldwide, everyone is concerned about their proneness to the virus.

According to a study it was found that surgical and cotton masks do not effectively contain viral droplets containing SARS-CoV-2. Subsequent research also suggested that face masks are an effective method for containing the spread of the virus, used along with staying six feet apart from other people.

In the beginning of the pandemic no one actually used the mask, as the virus is not spread through air. Also if someone was spotted wearing a mask, they were stared at. There was also a fear that if the public started to wear masks then there would be no masks left for the corona warriors.

Before wearing a mask, one must know how the virus spreads in first place. After the person has been infected, the cell multiplies and makes a new particle which bursts out and starts to spread in nose, mouth, and lungs. When that person coughs/sneezes they can send showers of tiny droplets – known as aerosols – filled with the virus into the air. These droplets settle to the nearest surface and the most tiny once are still in air where people are still exposable. The Sars-CoV-2 virus resides for atleast 3 hours.

This means that if no one around you is wearing a mask, your cloth or surgical masks won’t really protect you if those mask-less people are infected. That is the prior reason why government is urging everyone to wear a mask.
Now the question rises that are our home face masks safe or everyone needs surgical masks? According to a study, masks can reduce the growth rate of coronavirus infection by 40%. Masks might help keep people with COVID-19 from unknowingly passing along the virus. And since the virus contains heavy particles, our home masks can prevent our exposure to the virus. The bottom line remains the same, the cloth masks some of us are using only work if everyone around us is wearing one!

But masks aren’t the only solution to the virus, preventive measures such as frequent hand-washing and social distancing; help slow the spread of the virus.Surgical and N95 masks are in short supply and must be reserved for health care providers, cloth masks are cheap, simple to make and easily available. Masks can be made at home from common materials, any cloth or sheets. Cloth masks should include multiple layers of fabric.

There are some precaution one should keep in mind while wearing a mask. A person with a breathing problem must not wear a mask.

Don’t put masks on children below the age of 2.Cover nose as well as your mouth while wearing it.Don’t touch your mask, sanitize after removing the mask. Don’t use face masks as a substitute to social distancing.