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Why Blood Donation Is Necessary Amidst The Pandemic

Shireen Singh

Every blood donation drive has been either cancelled or postponed and blood banks across the state are not having enough stock of blood With more than 3 lakh cases up till date, India continues to rise high above the numbers. The fear of corona is hitting people since the lockdown has uplifted and there is no vaccine/cure for the virus.

Considering the increased rate of cases, there has been a shortage of blood supplies, particularly of negative blood groups in nearly every hospital. The fear of getting affected by the coronavirus is keeping people from donating blood which substantially is leading to critical medical situations.
There are many cases which require immediate surgeries but they can’t be treated due to the lack of blood supplies. There is a possibility that general surgeries can be put on hold but emergency situations cannot be postponed. Every blood donation drive has been either cancelled or postponed and blood banks across the state are not having enough stock of blood.

cancellation is considered to be the major reason of this shortage. This situation has given rise to major technicalities and there is no doubt in saying that the matter is getting out of hands. 

People are reluctant to visit hospitals for even a normal check-up, and getting blood donations is nearly next to impossible. Even the Voluntary donations are not happening as people are stepping out of their homes only for unavoidable needs. The blood bank raised concern that they won’t be able to meet with the adequate needs of the patients.

There is one thing people need to know that COVID-19 DOES NOT TRANSFER VIA BLOOD. This means people should not worry about getting infected while donating. A healthy person, who does not show any symptoms, must come forward to donate during these critical times. There is also a need to conduct a blood donation camp, ensuring all the safety and taking preventive measures.

There is also a need to inform/educate the people about the donations process and there is no need to freak out.
Blood cannot be stored. Therefore the need of the supplies rises.

Following the required measures such as thorough sanitization, maintaining social distancing, conducting thermal and respiratory scanning is necessary.

Anyone up to the age of 60 can come forward to donate.
There is a little blood loss after donating, which is completely normal. Drinking liquids can help to recover in a day or two. All the red blood cells are replaced within a few days and white blood cells within 3 weeks.

There is no major impact on the body in terms of physical movements. A little weekness can be avoided by not lifting any weights for the rest of the day. It gets normal the next day. Blood donation does not take much of your time. It is taken in less than an hour.

The donated blood can be used in many emergency treatments like accident or natural disasters, in surgery including cardiac surgery and emergency surgery, and in medical conditions such as sickle cell anemia, thalassemia and hemophilia, cancer and blood disorders. The blood is also used in maternal and child care at the time of complications.

It is said that when one person donates blood, three lives are saved. This is because when blood is donated, different components like red blood cells, platelets and plasma are used to treat various conditions. In fact, plasma therapy, a procedure in which a part of blood containing useful antibodies is transfused from someone who has successfully recovered from Covid-19 into a patient who is currently battling it, is one of the important treatment methods being explored to treat the coronavirus today.
People are battling everyday and have been battling before corona, they cannot be put on hold and needs to be treated immediately. You can help save a life with the necessary safety measures. Don’t think twice, lets donate.