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Negative Effects of Covid-19 On Relationships

Shivali Goyal

In this current pandemic situation various things are happening , from nationwide lockdown to lifting up  of  it , throughout this series of things happening up , a chaos have generated everywhere , leading people towards stress. As stress is pilling up in the minds of people, it is effecting them in every way possible and now it  has reached to a point where it is even effecting their relationships .

First of all , when a nationwide lockdown was imposed , it was a matter of staying at home with their families . As everything was under lockdown people were a bit uneasy but somehow they adjusted with the situation , rather some of them even enjoyed it as they were longing for holidays with the family .

“  But as the situation of lockdown prolonged the enjoyment started to taste like a bitter sweet . ”

As in this global village and smart city structures , houses are getting smaller and smaller and personal space literally finishing up , arguments and differences are getting rolled up . With “ work from home ” being the new trend and responsibilities and to some extent even liabilities of managing the house with work together pilling up , as domestic helpers are absent in the present scenario is all leading towards accumulation of stress and frustration in people . As it is getting more and more difficult everyday to balance both the responsibilities of house and work together , small fights are increasing  and turning into big heated arguments .

As working couples and even different individuals within family members are not able to get their breathing space which they use to have earlier between the time when one individual goes to office and comes back and when one individual stays at home or goes outside for various work or house related things or for any other reason ,  this to and fro use to give them their needed time and space which an individual requires . Which practically now has  finished . This emptiness of personal time and space is making them emotionally disbalance . As today physical and social interaction has almost reduced to zero and the  only interaction they are having is through technical devices and  social media platforms . These all are effecting the people mentally , physically and emotionally .

“ It  seems that these might emerge as new physical and emotional health related problems . ”

As with schools and colleges also been closed and children being at home , the stress level of parents have got doubled up . Now they have three different fortes of responsibilities pilled up altogether and all of them need proper time and management . Be it work , home or children all are important and need proper time , care and management . As the requirements and thought pattern of every age is different , responsibilities have to  get  fulfilled more carefully . It  has become difficult for the parents to make both the generations meet . Above all  as many persons have been laid off and their have been a slash in salaries . The stress of  due bills have increased their strain and frustration .

“ As the future seems to be very dark and uncertain , the fear of survival and the confusion going around has blocked their vision and thoughts . ”

Since people have never encountered such a situation earlier in their lives , as a result they are getting drained up physically , mentally and emotionally and this has resulted in excessive anger among them .

“ In heart of hearts many of them instead of enjoying the family togetherness are now felling it as a burden . ”

This situation has created family rifts and domestic violence . As a result many families have come on the verge of breaking up leading to increase in number of divorces .

There has also been a spike in number of people consulting with psychologists .

“ It seems that the virus has not only spread its net in the whole world but has also hijacked people in everyway be it their physical health or emotional . ”