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Tackling Crisis Together- The Role of young people in addressing the turmoils created by the pandemic


Covid-19 is running profusely across the globe. Rather than agonizing people’s health, it has also brought numerous snags with it such as increased violence, inequalities, financial instability, migrant labor crisis, and many more. Moreover, we are ambivalent, whether it is going to completely wear off one day or it’s going to be the new normal. But the concern is, “Are we supposed to keep suffering from the troubles created by it?” Absolutely Not.  We cooperatively have to quash it. Isn’t it? And the expectations can’t be met until and unless young people are taken into account. They are the momentous force of any country which has tremendous potency within and can be manifested as the actors of change. Let’s see how.

Another crisis proliferating along the virus is disinformation, social media being its massive carrier. Deceptive remedies to cure the virus are a hit amongst fake news. And elder people emerging with social media platforms in hefty amount nowadays, being nescient of its proper functioning and misinformation ecosystem, are most likely to end up trusting them and even putting their own lives at risk. But the fault is not theirs. Youth, typical digital natives and ideal leaders in fighting against misinformation, have to step in and enlighten them about all this stuff. Elder people used to shepherd youngsters but now it’s the time when youngsters also have to guide elders. They can even use social media itself to spread accurate and verified information shared by reliable sources. Posters and videos busting myths can also be made and published on various platforms.

Several reports elucidate that if you are young, your prospect of evolving a severe illness is low. So, the need is to consider the most susceptible groups, including older persons, children, and ones with pre-existing medical conditions. So, We, as young ones, must prompt others to effectuate precautions against the prevailing disease and also deliver the requisite commodities at the doorstep of the indigent as the youth during the lockdown in Pune came out and must also help at least our known ones in building their immunity by suggesting healthy practices. Insulating everyone from the widespread also means safeguarding people’s mental stability. Youth have themselves witnessed crucial socio-economic repercussions. Beside it, only this class adequately savvy what depression, perturbation, and trauma feel like. They are well aware of the fact of how important it is to talk about mental anxiety as it is also a disease that is not considered by the elderly. While Covid-19 is already challenging us in many aspects, young ones must keep check of the mental health of whoever they meet. Basic efforts like these can mitigate outbreak and its ramifications on public health.

Notwithstanding that epidemic elevated existing inequalities and imbalances, young people possess the ability to exhort elected ministers and legislators to channelize the reserves set aside for election campaigning towards protecting impuissant groups of society and assuring the safety of women. Additionally, youngsters have conducted various effectual campaigns earlier such as MUST BOL, A WHITE DRESS DOESN’T COVER THE RAPE, SCHOOL STRIKES FOR CLIMATE ACTION, etc. At present also multiple campaigns exercising social service and voicing for equitable medical care and justice for everyone can be led.

Our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always said, “Don’t be a job seeker, but the creator”. Technology and employment are concepts that go hand in hand. COVID-19 may have reduced employment opportunities and snatched jobs from people’s hand but lockdown imposed due to it conferred young ones ample time to cogitate astounding start-ups and earn captivating others with themselves. Recently, IIT Delhi startup launched reusable masks whereas IIT Bombay generated technology for fabricating high-efficiency masks from waste plastic bottles. Also, numerous e-learning, e-pharmacy, and online grocery startups boomed throughout the period.

Furthermore, there always exists a section of young people itself attacked by unemployment, illiteracy, backwardness, rumors, and inequalities severely. They are even exposed to violence and have limited opportunities to practice their human rights such as freedom of expression. So in all this, the young people in pleasant circumstances must ensure that they make headway helping their fellows and making them also proficient in contributing to the upliftment of society.

You may have heard the news of Bihar Girl, Jyoti Kumari, who cycled almost 1200km with her father riding the pillion, to reach home in the coronavirus lockdown. This is precisely the sort of exuberance required in today’s youth. Worldwide there are countless young people doing incredible work to respond to COVID-19. The desideratum is to let the energy flow on. Thus,

 “Young People are the innovaTORS, inventors, creators, and leaders of the future.”