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Is covid19 is the only reason for high death rate in 2020 ?

Ishika Sahni

High rate of death in 2020 is horrifying for the whole world. Every one is afraid of this time because anything can happen this time. Everyone are taking precautions for their health and long life. As everyone wants to live a long life for themselves and there family.

So what do you all think ? Huge amount of People are dying because of covid19 only? If we say directly then the answer is No but if we say indirectly the answer is yes.

As any vaccine is not prepare for covid19, people are dying in huge amount. There is no proper treatment of people helding in hospitals as there are huge amount of patients are there. The pandemic covid19 is spreading by social contacting. So if we want to stay safe then we have to maintain social distancing from others. Some people are not following this that’s why they are getting positive from virus and the cases are increasing . We all are in critical situation we have to keep care of us and  stay safe because this virus is dangerous and we don’t have vaccine for this.

As we say indirectly mostly people are dying because of virus so our mean is depression during lockdown, business loss, insufficient money and negligence of hospitals. Lockdown is because of covid19 only,  all are locked in house so that they will not get infection by going out. In lockdown some people are diverting there mind here and there but some are getting depressed by thinking about future according to the present situation that what will next happen. Problem of depression looks small but it is a very serious disease. People do suicide in depression as we have seen case of Sushant Singh Rajput.

As people are not able to go outside they are facing loss in business so the transition of money is also stopped. Some people are also dying as they are not getting food to eat and don’t have money to spent on necessary things. As there is no business so there is no money. Now the time of unlock 1.0 businessman has started their business and opening shops and market but now only they don’t have much movement in business because people are not coming out of there home to buy things. In a very short quantity people are buying. Hospitals are also the the big reason of high death rate as there are lot of patients of covid19 so they are ignoring normal patients who are in very serious condition are the result they die with the irresponsible thing of doctors. In hospitals there are very bad conditions of patients all the positive and negative patients are together there which makes other infectious also. The workers has to do things with care else they will lost many more patients.

So indirectly 98/ death reates are because of covid19 only else are natural. We all need to take precaution and keep care of our family and friends if we don’t want to lose them.