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Truth and Reality


Ishika Sahni

We should all have to be sanitized to live a long life. sanitization is a very good habit and we all have to stay sanitized for staying safe and from protection from all types of disease. nowadays there are many diseases which can harm us so badly and can finish our life, so for saving our life we have to be sanitized from an unhealthy environment or from dust, unhygienic things, poor sanitation we can harm our self and disease catch us vastly.

nowadays we are suffering from a very dangerous virus which is corona virus which is very dangers for us. It is very difficult to save us from the virus. only good sanitation practice and social distancing can safe us from that virus for which we are doing our best. We all have to safe this very carefully and bravely. We will stay sanitized by washing our hands regularly, by bathing every day, keep our environment clean, use handkerchiefs while cough, etc.

we can face as many diseases by staying clean and keeping things clean. Our respected Mahatma Gandhi said that’’ sanitization is more important than independence’’. Sanitization is the most important thing. sanitization is the stairs to go to the good health of the person and as we all know every person should have a good health to live long. This is a very understood thing and we all should follow and be sanitized and keep all others sanitized too.