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Truth and Reality

Realizing the necessity of a person for a fit body and a healthy mind, do we need to focus on our overall health?

Abhinav Chaudhary

The health revolution in India is started to get the attention as  it Should, A person’s physical and mental health is as important as there work to earn money. A person’s health can decide how much a person will spend his or her money on there medical bills, if people doesn’t take care of there nutrition and health and fitness properly there could be many diseases and health problems they have to face in long term of there life span. The health is not only just for the body to be fit but also for the mind, as the body and your mind works better together so if your body is fit your mind also works better. As the modern world is just working from there laptop and there computer systems people have forgotten that there body also need’s to have some moment which it had been built to, more over  our body craves a physical work .

The problem is that most of  the people make there workouts and there diet complicated for themselves, the goal should be to get fit and have a lean and healthy body but most of the people today thinks the health and fit body means bulky muscles specially in boy’s and men’s. The fit body is not just gain by heavy lifting weights in the gym it can also be gained by just doing  normal yoga session’s  and running, jogging and playing your favorite sports, and if you still don’t have time for this activity the least we can do is try walking more and instead of taking lift we can take stairs just do whatever you like and see the changes it brings in your life, doing regular exercise can be a major booster of you energy level’s no matter what is your age, but not only the moment of your body makes you fit but the whole thing with fitness is that it requires certain amount of discipline, as not just your body work is enough but you also required too eat good foods and avoid eating fast food regularly and of you want to eat you can do a minimal of to eat fast food at least restrict it to three times or two times a week,the sleep is the most important aspect of health as most of the fat loss and toxins release happens when we are asleep exercise and right food is just that you are training you do for fat loss to happen during you are in deep sleep, in today’s most of the people sacrifice there sleep which is definitely wrong for your body.

As the world is suffering for Corona virus people are also realizing that how important is our health for our immunity, the problem is not with consuming fast food or outside food the Problem is the people abusing it for the taste of it and over eating the food, if people would focus on there health more and more they can even safe there money going in there medical bills and medication And moreover the by taking care of our health we could also be prepared for more viruses like Corona which could come in the future.

The most overlooked problem in our country is mental health as stress, depression and anxiety are one of the major problems could be seen in youngster’s and teenager’s and old age people, the mental health problems in India is mostly ignored but it’s a Major issue, the exercise can also act as an natural anti-depression as after a physical workout our brain release’s feel good hormones, but if a person is majorly suffering from depression and anxiety they require a medical specialists just like a normal disease and people need’s to see mental health as major health problem as our brain also is just like our body has Problem’s, but there is also a  exercises in yoga to keep our mind fit which is called meditation, backed by the science now it has been seen that a person doing meditation for a month and year’s doesn’t have mental health issue’s and thinks more significantly.