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Truth and Reality

Humanity or politics?

Udit Raj Sharma

Coronavirus is a pandemic that has spread globally. Every single life   is in a crisis at this time.  In such a difficult period, the functioning of the hospitals in Delhi is not very forethought.CM of Delhi, Mr Arvind Kejriwal has inaugurated a mobile application for the civilians, saying that the general public can find out how many beds are being provided in which particular hospital and where exactly the best treatment is possible. The fact of the matter is that actually nothing is being executed as planned. The app displays that beds are available but that is not the same case when it comes to the hospitals.

At Shanti Mukund Hospital in Delhi which is located in Patparganj, a video has gone viral.  According to this video, a boy is literally crying and begging in the hospital to save his father’s life.  After examining this video, it is found out that this boy had paid all the money required for the treatment but when it came to admit his father, the  hospital authorities refused.  The boy was in great pain in the video. He repeatedly said that his father is still breathing and please treat him. The face and name of the boy and his father is censored for security purposes.  It is possible that hospitals have their own particular reasons, but it is not inhuman to leave someone dying. Here, the question arises why you are being shown that the bed is still there.  However, the hospital authority is refusing it.  What is the secret behind this, are the hospital staff lying or is there any kind of  politics involved.

The AAP government has given a statement that if a hospital is using their beds for making money, they will be strictly punished.  In the time of such a pandemic, neither one should think about politics nor hospitals should think about their own benefit and making money.  At this time, we should think about mankind and humanity.