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Initiative by Prayas organised a Programme to promote the weavers of Odisha. Honourable Minister Tukini Sahoo (WCD & Mission Shakti) graced the occasion and extended its support. She addressed the audience telling about how we need to promote the handloom of Orissa. Dr (Prof) Prasanna Kumar Patasani, Shri Priyadarshi Mishra, Padmashri Aruna Mohanty, Dr. Iti Samanta, Dr. Kaynath Qazi, Mrs. Deepti Devi, Padmashri Ileana Citaristi, Dr. Sujata Kar, Usasi Misra, Ms. Susmita Das, Mrs. Bijoylaxmi Kar, Ms. Purabi Das all graced the occasion. The programme began with the national anthem and Bande Utkal Janani.The guest were felicitated by Dr. Rosalin Patasani and she addressed the audience how we should stand for the handloom of Odisha and promote it all over the world. A video was played to show how Parineeti has been supporting the weavers and for all the sales they have been directly paying to the weavers and taking care of the weavers family. There was a panel discussion regarding the potentiality of the weavers by Mr. Arta Mohapatra, and Rupashi Wadhawan which was moderated by Dr Chidatmika khatua. There was another round of discussion regarding the prospective and long-term vision of the handloom and the weavers of Orissa in which Dr. ltirani Samanta along with Dr nidhi garg discussed. Padmashri Ileena Citarista threw light on the self confidence and consistency building in the weavers. There were performances by singer Chanda Mishra, Jayshree Dhal.

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Finally the third round of the show to promote weavers and handloom of Odisha the stage was taken over by women from different walks of life. They set the stage on fire and the venue roared with the sound of applause and hooting.

What can be done to promote enhance help the handloom to grow not only in Odisha but also in the outer states as well as internationally.