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Clean Ganga Fund Playing An Instrumental Role In Ganga Conservation& Rejuvenation

Since coming to power in the year 2014, conservation and rejuvenation of river Ganga has been Prime MinisterShri Narendra Modi’s priority. The main goal of the Government’s flagship program NamamiGange has been to make Ganga clean and restore its pristine glory.Rejuvenation of such a long river not only poses tremendous challenges but also requires huge investment. The Government has already quadrupled the budget, but still, it will not be sufficient for such a mammoth amount of work. Therefore, a Clean Ganga Fund was created by the Government, in which everyone can contribute funds to clean the river Ganga.

“The Clean Ganga Fund began as an initiative to harness the enthusiasm of people for Ganga and to bring them closer to the Ganga and inculcate a sense of ownership. It has been heartening to note that major organizations and general public at large are coming forward to contribute to the Ganga fund, some even regularly and from their pension as well, which only strengthens our resolve at the Mission to achieve our objective of a clean and healthy Ganga,” said Shri Rozy Aggarwal, Executive Director Finance, National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG).

The outcome of the Government’s commitment to the Ganga is that today, not only from the country but also from abroad people are contributing to the Clean Ganga Fund for conservation of Ganga. As on March 2021, funds of Rs 453 crore have been deposited in the Clean Ganga Fund. Out of which major projects have been/are being executed. These projects include Development of GuariKund near Kedarnath by the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board, Treatment Works of 5 drains, Reconstruction of ghats and shamans, Construction of Har Ki Pauri Complex in Haridwar and Afforestation in various areas.

In 2020-2021, around 14.18 crores have been received. Out of this, Petronet LNG Limited has contributed 1.5 crores. At the same time, Power Grid Corporation has also contributed more than 1 crore. While AAI Cargo Logistics has contributed Rs 1.45 crore. Apart from this, Sri DharmasthalaManjunatheshwarDharmotthan Trust, Karnataka has contributed Rs.15 lakhs. NamamiGange and Clean Ganga Fund express their heartfelt gratitude for these contributions and hope they will continue to contribute in the same way in future. This is the first time a temple trust has contributed to Clean Ganga Fund and they have also pledged their support to increase public awareness about Ganga rejuvenation.

Shri Rajiv Ranjan Mishra, Director General, NMCG made the appeal that, “NamamiGange is one of the most complex projects implemented ever in the world. For this the participation of all the regions of the country and every citizen is necessary. We can all contribute to the cleanliness of the river Ganga.”

To contribute to the Clean Ganga Fund, donations can be made to the Clean Ganga Fund’s State Bank Account (34213740838, SWIFT Code: SBININBB104). Any donation made to the Clean Ganga Fund is exempt from Income Tax under Section 80-G (1) (I).