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Dead bodies floating on rivers Ganga, Yamuna

The dead bodies floating in the Ganges and Yamuna, called the Jeevandayini, have disturbed the entire country. Views of Buxar and Ghazipur defy our growth. These take us to a period when in the colonial empire in India, Indians lost their loved ones at the time of the epidemic and famine. They would then flow their loved ones into a nearby river in case they could not perform the last rites. The dead bodies floating in Bihar’s Buxar make some of our claims of development meaningless. We talk about going to the moon and Mars, but we are not able to facilitate the villages to check whether they have been affected by the pandemic of COVID-19 or have suffered from minor coughs.

There are different claims about the number of dead bodies found in the Ganges near Chausa village in Buxar. But after increasing media pressure, the post mortem of 71 dead bodies found near Chausa village has taken place. It is possible to never know what was the reason behind the death of these people. Actually, the bodies were mutilated. DNA collection of dead bodies has been done. There are different claims about this too. Officials in Bihar are talking about these bodies flowing out of Uttar Pradesh, some people say that in the midst of economic crisis arising in the Corona period, there are a large number of people who are unable to bear the funeral expenses of their families. . In some places the villagers are not allowing the last rites of the dead from the corona to be performed at the crematorium. However, recently the Uttar Pradesh government expressed its intention by placing tin sheets after a live broadcast of mass pyre at the crematorium ghat in Lucknow. Now those who took photographs of the corpses have also been threatened to be arrested. Authorities are trying to remove the dead bodies on both sides of the river.

Actually, there is a flow of dead bodies in the rivers throughout the year, which comes to a halt in a place where the river bank is wide and the velocity of water decreases.
However, these circumstances point to the horrors of the Corona crisis. Despite the oxygen crisis in the cities, lack of beds and black marketing of medicines, COVID patients get some treatment, but the conditions in the rural areas are frightening. Leave it to the common man in this Uttar Pradesh, four MLAs of the ruling party BJP have been taken to Corona. In a similar situation, Union Minister Santosh Gangwar had written an angry letter to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath recently complaining about the apathy of medical officers, lack of resources and black marketing of medicines and oxygen cylinders. Other MLAs and MPs have also complained about not having adequate medical facilities. The situation is becoming uncontrollable and the government is saying that the situation is improving. Which suggests that the governors have given priority to political-religious agenda rather than making health facilities a priority. As such, adequate medical facilities were not available for all known diseases, the system had to be helpless in front of this unknown disease.

Admittedly, adequate treatment of this epidemic does not exist, but at least the last farewell of the dead must be dignified. In order to recover from the situation reflecting powerlessness in the plight of the epidemic, it is necessary to provide emergency medical services in rural areas. Also, the central and state governments should provide economic package, so that the corona protocol can be strictly followed. Otherwise it will not be easy to control the epidemic in rural areas, whose medical experts and the Prime Minister have already warned. In fact, there is neither adequate covid examination nor treatment in the villages, which are being exploited by quacks.