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Uttar Pradesh / Saharanpur : Hazrat Qari Rizwan Nasim died not only for the Ilmi world but also for the loss of Islam

Danish Siddiqui, the Secretary General of the Urdu Talim Board, presented the Khidar Aqeedat by Hazrat Qari Rizwan Saheb, after receiving the award, by the board officials. Chairman of the Board Haji Sabir Ali Khan and Conservator Sajjad Hussain Advocate said that Madrasa Mazahir Uloom Jadid’s Naib Nazime Alaa Dinh Hazrat Qari Rizwan Naseem Saheb being ruined from this world is a huge loss not only for the Ilmi world but for Alame Islam Which is difficult to compensate for. Hazrat kept his Ilmi thirst in the boundary wall of Darul Uloom Deoband and applied Bhujhay Hazrat in Arabic, Persian language. People who heard his statements in Arabic were very appreciative of him. It was for this reason that the fate of Mujahidar was brought to him from this place. It was here that the Secretary General of the Urdu Talim Board told that the Intake (demise) of the Vice Chancellor of Hazrat Qari Rizwan Nasim Madarsa Mazahir Uloom is not only for the Ilmi world but Alme Islam There is a loss for Hazrat Naib continued to serve for Dini and Milli while holding the post of Nazim. Maulana also performed teaching duties with the Nayab Nazim of the madrasa.

Hazrat was a noble hearted and simplistic person. The news of his death caused a wave of sorrow. People were shocked. From houses to mosques to madrasas, they were prayed for their pilgrimage. During this period, Urdu Talim Board officials Khwaja Salman Nasri, Shahzad Akhtar, Naved ul Haq Siddiqui, Rafe Siddiqui, Mazhar Omar, Arshad Rahmani, etc. offered prayers to Hazrat Qari Rizwan Naseem Sahab and offered prayers for them.