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Uttar Pradesh / Saharanpur : Safety kit distributed to scavengersSafety kit distributed to scavengers

Municipal Corporation, under the direction of Municipal Commissioner Gyanendra Singh, and Municipal Health Officer Kunal Jain, today distributed sanitary, gloves and medicines for warding off epidemics in addition to sanitation, so that they can take precautions and sanitize them during cleaning and Giving information about how these medicines can be saved from the pandemic, the cleaning hero Rajkumar of Ward 24 told that as soon as the medicines were given to us by the Municipal Corporation, Globs Sanitizer, we thank them and pray to God that God will hurry this disease. Eliminate so that all people can remain healthy and safe, during this program, mainly Amit Tomar, Prakash Chandra, Councilor Puneet Chauhan, Rakesh Kumar, etc. were present.