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Corona spread in villages

While relief is being felt in the severely affected states and large cities due to a slight improvement in the condition of corona infection, on the other hand, epidemic villages are showing signs of rapid spread. More than a hundred corpses have been found flowing in Ganga and Yamuna in the districts of Bihar, UP. The matter is being investigated. It is being ascertained from where these bodies are from and what are the actual causes of death of these people. But there is speculation that due to corona outbreak it is not possible to cremate the dead in the villages and the bodies are being shed in the rivers. Villages do not have large-scale tests, but the higher the proportion of positive results in all the tests being done, the higher the infection level is. In such a situation, the possibility becomes strong that many cases of rural areas may not get identified as Corona. Nevertheless, the statistics of the cases which are coming to grips make it very clear that the situation in rural areas has deteriorated quite rapidly. For example, between 9 April and 9 May, the changed situation of rural and urban areas in different states can be looked at. The cases of corona infection in Bihar on April 9 were 47 percent in urban areas and 53 percent in rural areas. A month later on May 9, where the cases in urban areas came to 24 per cent, in rural areas, they increased to 76 per cent. The proportion of rural areas in UP was 49 per cent on 9 April, which increased to 65 per cent on 9 May. Other states like Maharashtra (32 to 56), Chhattisgarh (56 to 89), Andhra Pradesh (53 to 72) also point to this situation. This situation is more serious because one way the access to health facilities is less in rural areas, other people are not comfortable keeping distance from each other. In such a situation, the only solution remains is that by opening more health centers in rural areas, to bring awareness to people, to increase the number of tests, to open isolation centers and to provide medical facilities, the work should be started immediately on a war footing. There are also many hesitations and misunderstandings in rural areas about the vaccine. To overcome them, the government should undertake necessary campaigns and accelerate the pace of vaccination in these areas. Only then will we be able to take a big step towards defeating the epidemic.