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Earth’s speed on its axis is decreasing, scientists warn of destruction for humans

New Delhi. We have read from childhood that our earth is rotating on its axis at a speed of 1,670 km per hour. Have you ever thought what would happen if the earth stopped moving on its axis? Astronomers did a research, according to them, the Earth is going through a terrible crisis. The speed of rotation of the earth is rotating on its axis, the result is that due to this, the moon is slowly moving away from the earth. NASA scientists have warned that due to this geographical event, there may be a big earthquake in the coming time. Read full information of this geographical event in this report. Due to the decrease in the rotation speed of the earth, the probability of earthquake incidence on the earth has increased.

Among the natural disasters, the earthquake is the biggest disaster about which humans are not even aware, there is hardly any mistake in the 2001 earthquake in Gujarat which killed 20 thousand people, and on December 26, 2004, of 9.1 magnitude. The tsunami that followed the earthquake shook the whole world, 2 lakh 30 thousand people lost their lives in this divine disaster. All these events are happening due to the low speed of the earth’s rotation, scientists believe that the seismic events have started to increase due to the slow rotation speed of the earth or the speed of rotation on its axis. A research has revealed that since 1900, the number of earthquakes of seven or more intensity has increased since 1900. Earth’s rotation speed decreased slightly in the last five years of the 20th century and earthquakes of magnitude more than seven increased. Scientists recorded 25 to 30 sharp earthquakes every year for this. There were 15 major earthquakes.

The North Pole is also rapidly changing its place

Scientists found in a study that the Magnetic North Pole (magnetic North Pole), which gives direction information on the Earth, is also changing its position. In the last few decades, the magnetic north pole of the Earth has moved so fast that the earlier estimates are no longer fit for the waterway. Due to this, many problems are also seen in the movement through waterways.

Human population will end from the earth

Earlier, a London scientist had found in his study that if the Earth would continue to move in the same way. So the wind will start moving at a speed of 1,670 km per hour. This stormy wind will continue to destroy everything that comes in the way. Humans will hit each other at the speed of a gunshot. With this, the magnetic field in the Earth will end. At that time, the atmosphere would be similar to a nuclear explosion, which would spread nuclear and other forms of life-threatening radiation. Naranki-shaped earth will be completely round. The sea water will spontaneously create a flood situation. After this, half a year will remain on the Earth for half a year and half a year. This will eliminate the human population on the earth. However, NASA scientists have refused to believe it, if they believe that there is no possibility of such an event for several billion years.