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Tauktae’s Tandava: Indian ship sunk in the sea 175 km from Mumbai, Navy pulled out 146 safely, the rest missing

About 700 people have been trapped in the sea in Mumbai due to the terrible form of Taunktae storm. Bombay High is a coastal region from west to south. 4 ships are stranded in this area. They are not able to get out due to cyclonic storms. The ships which are currently stranded in the sea include Barge 305 273, Sagar Bhushan 101, Barge SS 3 -196, Barge Gal Contractor-137. Work is on to evacuate the people safely from the ship. So far 146 people have been evacuated safely. INS Kochi and INS Kolkata rescued 111 people, OSV Greatship Ahilya 17 people and OSV Ocean Energy 18 people. At the same time, INS Talwar is constantly trying to save Sagar Bhushan and Barge SS-3.
The Navy deployed the P-81 on Tuesday morning for rescue operations. It is a multi-mission maritime patrol aircraft of the Navy for search and rescue operations.
Earlier, on Monday, two frontline warships were deployed by the Navy after being informed that two barge anchors deployed for offshore quarrying in the Bombay High Oilfield of the construction company “Afcons” had slipped and drifted uncontrollably into the sea. There were 410 people on these two barges.
INS Kolkata, INS Kochi and INS Talwar were deployed to help these two barges. “A total of 146 people have been rescued from the barren P305 in a very challenging situation at sea,” a Navy spokesman said on Tuesday morning. He said the search and rescue (SAR) operation to save the others was going on all night. “In another incident, INS Kolkata also rescued two people from the vessel ‘Life Raft’ of Vara Prabha and engaged in search and rescue operations with INS Kochi to rescue the crew members of the P305,” he said. The Meteorological Department informed that after hitting the Gujarat coast, the Taute storm has now weakened. At the same time, more than two lakh people have been sent to safe places in Gujarat. Six people have died in Maharashtra from Tauktae.

Due to cyclonic storm moving towards Rajasthan, this morning a spell of rain begins.

Due to the cyclonic storm moving towards Rajasthan, the rainy season started in many places including the capital Jaipur from this morning. It is cloudy and rains are raining in many places of Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer and Kota divisions. This made the weather pleasant.

After entering Cyclone Tauktae Gujarat has now moved towards Rajasthan. Due to this, light rain started in the morning. Due to the possibility of heavy rains in Dungarpur and Banswara district due to the storm, the administration has appealed the villagers not to move out of the house and SDRF teams have been deployed for relief. In the wake of the possibility of disturbing the power system, preparations have been made to maintain electricity and oxygen at all hospitals.

According to the Meteorological Department, the storm is likely to enter the southwestern region of Rajasthan in the afternoon and it will cause strong winds. With this, strong rains can also start. The most impact of the cyclone can be seen in some areas of Udaipur and Jodhpur divisions. Due to this, there is a possibility of heavy rains on May 19 in many districts of Ajmer, Jaipur, Kota and Bharatpur divisions.

After hitting the coast of Gujarat, weakened and weakened,
0- 18 killed so far, 410 people stranded in the Sea

A severe cyclonic storm hit Gujarat’s Saurashtra coast last night and during this time the wind moved at a speed of 185 kmph. Earlier, due to the cyclone, there was heavy rain in Mumbai and more than two lakh people had to be shifted to safe places in Gujarat. As a result, two boats have gone off the coast into the Arabian Sea, carrying 410 people. According to the Indian Meteorological Department, the cyclone struck at a speed of 133 km per hour in the Union Territory of Diu at around 9.30 pm. According to the Meteorological Department, the speed of wind has decreased after hitting the coast of Gujarat. The speed of the storm in the sea was 185 km per hour which increased to 135 km per hour on the coast. At the same time, the storm has been moving north and north east for the last 6 hours. Where its speed has been reduced to 11 km per hour. Let us tell you that before the storm hit, heavy rains started in many districts of Maharashtra. Due to the strong winds, water has accumulated in many places in Mumbai. Let us tell you that six people died in Konkan, Maharashtra on Monday from Toute. It killed three in Raigad, one in Sindhudurg and two in Navi Mumbai. Apart from this, eight people died in Karnataka. On Sunday, four people lost their lives on Toute. Thus, there have been 18 deaths in Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala so far. So far, 333 houses, 644 poles, 147 transformers, 57 km of roads, 57 nets and 104 boats have been damaged in Karnataka. In Gujarat’s Somnath and Diu, roads were closed due to felling of trees, which was cleared late Monday night by the army with the help of soldiers. At the same time, the major impact of the storm has been seen in Una district of Gujarat. Due to the storm, there have been reports of trees and communication towers collapsing in many areas. According to the Meteorological Department, the process of landfall of Toute lasted for about two hours. Earlier, Toute caused massive havoc in the coastal areas of Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai.

The roadway between Somnath district and Diu in Gujarat was disrupted due to the storm. Army soldiers evacuated the entire road after much effort. Meanwhile, Una is witnessing heavy rains and strong winds. Along with this, the storm has caused a lot of havoc in Amreli, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar etc. The storm also blew away the mobile tower in Una. Although the storm has weakened now. At the same time, the storm is likely to show an effect in Rajasthan on Tuesday.

The districts most affected due to the Toute cyclone include Girsomnath, Amreli, Bhavnagar and Diu Federal District Saurashtra. Along with this, the coastal districts of South and Central Gujarat have also been affected. During the cyclone, winds continued at a speed of 160-170 kmph in these areas for about three to four hours. There is a possibility of heavy damage in Una and Kodinar taluka of Diu, Girsomnath district. Jaffarabad, Savarkundla, Khambha taluka of Amreli district have also suffered heavy losses. Heavy damage is also reported in Mahuva in Bhavnagar district. In many of these areas electricity was lost. Trees have fallen and raw houses have suffered damage. The storm is now moving through Surendranagar in the rural areas of Ahmedabad, although its speed is still decreasing.