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Shock to Sushil, dismissal of anticipatory bail plea

Wrestler Sushil Kumar, who won the Olympic medal in the ongoing wrestling on charges of murder, filed a petition in Rohini court on Tuesday for anticipatory bail to avoid arrest. The Rohini court today heard Sushil Kumar’s anticipatory bail application and dismissed it, which has increased the odds for Sushil. A non-bailable warrant has already been issued against wrestler Sushil Kumar and his other associates in the Sagar Rana murder case.

Earlier, Delhi Police had announced a reward of Rs one lakh for the arrest of Sushil Kumar. Delhi Police had said on Monday that one lakh rupees will be given on the information related to the arrest of wrestler Sushil Kumar regarding the murder of Sagar Rana at Chhatrasal Stadium. Apart from this, the police has also kept a reward of 50 thousand rupees on Ajay Bakkarwala who is absconding with Sushil.

It is noteworthy that a non-bailable warrant has been issued against Sushil Kumar and others in the murder of 23-year-old Sagar Rana at Chhatrasal Stadium.
Additional Sessions Judge Jagdish Kumar dismissed the anticipatory bail plea of wrestler Sushil Kumar. Sushil Kumar’s anticipatory bail plea on behalf of Advocate Kumar Vaibhav said in a Rohini court hearing that the police had maliciously framed the case. Sushil has said that he is a two-time Olympian and has received the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Arjuna Award, Padma Shri, while Sonu is a history sitter and has several cases registered against him. Advocate Vaibhav said in the plea that he has deliberately made allegations against Sushil to humiliate him and damage his reputation. On the other hand, the police say that Sushil is the main accused in this case, who has an important role to play in this crime.

On behalf of Sushil, it has been said that the police has hidden many facts in this case such as a call of quarrel at Chhatrasal Stadium at 1.19 pm on May 5 and it was said that there were two bullets but the police did not tell who fired. Of. The weapon was found from the vehicle but no eyewitnesses were found. If the bullet was fired in the air, how did it become a case of murder because it is clear that the intention was not to kill.

Sushil’s lawyer Siddharth Luthra said that the weapons recovered from the car do not belong to Sushil. He also has nothing to do with the car. Sagar was living on rent in a property named after his wife who had not paid the rent. The police also did not say that Sushil’s passport was confiscated.

Police said that a Scorpio has been found. But no witnesses were found. The court said that if the matter is not so serious then why is Sushil Kumar running away, cooperate with the police investigation.

Delhi Police said that as far as Sushil has been promised to win all the awards, we are proud of him, we had kept the passport because we were afraid that he might run away from the country. The post mortem report states that all the injuries are before death. Sushil’s lawyer said that the injury was not done with the gun, firing was done in the air, the motive was not for killing. Therefore 302 IPC should not be imposed. Sushil Kumar’s lawyer said that he is Arjuna Awardee, has won two medals in the Olympics as well. Sushil’s lawyer said that the weapons recovered from the car are not of Sushil.

BS Jakhar, another lawyer appearing on behalf of Sushil Kumar told the court that the police has manipulated the case against my client. The injured who is the most important witness has not made any statement against Sushil.

The court asked the Delhi Police why his arrest was necessary. To this, the Delhi Police said that there are several reasons for this, Sushil’s wife had a flat where the other accused (Sonu and another) were staying. There is electronic evidence where Sushil can be seen assaulting. Delhi Police said that the court has issued a non-bailable warrant against Sushil Kumar, so we have to arrest him, respecting the court’s order.