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Uttar Pradesh / Gangoh : SP leader Chaudhary Indrasain beats Corona along with family

Senior Samajwadi Party leader Gangoh Vidhan Sabha in-charge Chaudhary Indrasain has done the job to beat Corona along with the family. Today the report along with his family has come negative. Just a few days ago, the SP leader came under the grip of Corona. The reports of his wife-son and daughter also came positive. His supporters were constantly praying for the good health of him and his family. He faced a dangerous disease like corona — he never let negativity dominate. He has overcome this disease, due to the supplications and positive thoughts of supporters, doctors regularly taking medicines – doctors, and thanked all his supporters who prayed for the good health of him and his family. Along with this, he advised the patients fighting with corona to fight the disease firmly with positivity-good thoughts.

Appealed to the district administration to pay special attention in rural areas
SP leader Chaudhary Indrasain, who won the war with the family from Corona, has appealed to the district administration to pay special attention to rural areas. In today’s time, there is a need to go door-to-door testing in rural areas and give more awareness to the affected people to give medicines. He said that if the villages become ill, then the city and the towns will also not be healthy. .

Appeal to village heads too
SP leader Chaudhary Indrasain, while appealing to all the newly elected village heads of the district, said that it is a big responsibility of all the village heads to protect their villagers in this critical period. Work to make the villagers aware as well. Encourage the villagers to wear masks-2 yards and not to go to cities and towns without any reason. The SP leader wished everyone good health.