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Uttar Pradesh / Moradabad : Administrative officer arrived to investigate deaths due to mysterious feverAdministrative officer arrived to investigate deaths due to mysterious fever

Dillari : The administration team reached the village on Wednesday to know the reality of fever deaths in Bahedi Brahmanan village of Dillari. There have been more than six deaths in the village. During this, village head Alpana Bhardwaj was also present with the team and assured to provide better health facilities.

On Wednesday, Task Force Sector Magistrate Dr. Prem Singh, Chief Livestock Medical Officer, Nodal Officer Dr. Manish Sharma, CHC officer, instructed to list all the sick persons after meeting with all Anganwadi workers and Asha.

Besides, instructions were also given to provide ration relief to the ration dealers in time. It was told that three days ago, the health department has quarantined the medicine kit by providing medicine kit for three people who came to check RTPCR positive for 54 people. Dr. Manish Sharma said that on Thursday a re-sampling camp will be conducted and investigation will be done and medicines will be distributed to those with colds and fever. All grammars were urged to follow social distancing. The officials expressed their displeasure at the absence of a Gram Panchayat officer in the meeting. Villagers Gram Panchayat Officer Sachin Chaudhary also said about not coming to the village for a long time. In the meeting, Ravindra Singh, Bushra Saifi, Reena Ruhela, Priyanka Bhardwaj, Musrat Ali, Mo. Rizwan and Najra B etc. were present.