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Ankita Raina was paired with four other athletes in the Topps core group

Tennis player Ankita Raina has been linked with the Target Olympic Podium Scheme during the meeting held today. Ankita Raina was born and brought up in Gujarat. She recently won her first WTA 250 title at Phillip Island, Australia and Ankita has joined the world’s top 100 tennis players in women’s singles since this victory. He also partnered with Sania Mirza, representing India in the Billie Jean King Cup.

Apart from Raina, four other athletes who have recently achieved the Tokyo Olympic quota have also been added to the Target Olympic Podium Scheme core group.  These included Rovers Arjun Lal Jat and Arvind Singh and in addition wrestlers Seema Bisla and Sumit Malik have also been promoted to the Topps Development Group.
Financial approval of about one crore rupees was also given in today’s Mission Olympic Cell meeting.  These were

Wrestling: Asian champion Vinesh Phogat will continue to train overseas until the Olympic Games to be held in July this year. The Mission Olympic Cell at Sports Authority of India (SAI) today approved Vinesh’s proposal in the Target Olympic Podium Scheme through the Indian Wrestling Association to receive training in Hungary and Poland after completing the high altitude training period in Bulgaria. Has given
Vinesh Phogat achieved the Olympic quota of 53 kg weight class for India at the World Championships in September 2019, she will train in Budapest by 9 June. Vinesh will travel to the Poland Open from 9 to 13 June and will return to Budapest from 2 July. During this time, his coach Volar Akos, sparring partner Priyanka and physiotherapist Poornima Raman Ngomdir will be with him full time.
The estimated amount of his training and competition offers is Rs 20.21 lakh. So far, he has received financial assistance of Rs 1.13 crore from the Target Olympic Podium Scheme.
Tennis: Tennis doubles players Divij Sharan and Rohan Bopanna have also received approval from the Mission Olympic Cell to participate in 14 and 11 tournaments between January and June 2021 respectively.

The cost of Divij Sharan’s proposal is around Rs 30 lakhs and he has received Rs 80.59 lakhs from the Target Olympic Podium Scheme in the current Olympic cycle. The cost of Rohan Bopanna, including the fees of coach Scott Davidoff and physio Gaurang Shukla, is Rs 27.61 lakh. He has already received Rs 1.24 crore from Tops during the current Olympic cycle.

Rowing: Mission Olympic Cell has also approved the proposal to train the rovers Arjun Lal Jat and Arvind Singh at the Pokinho High Performance Center in Portugal for five weeks from June 1 in preparation for the Olympic Games. The doubles scholar achieved the Olympic chairmanship in Tokyo earlier this month. Their camp in Poland will cost around 21 lakh rupees.