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Israel-Palestine Dispute: This round of stalled violence

Concerned by the fierce shelling between Israel and Palestine for the past one week, the global community has rightly appealed to take measures to reduce tensions between the two sides first. More than one hundred and fifty people have lost their lives in this latest phase of violence, yet neither side seems ready for a ceasefire. In the United Nations Security Council meeting held on Sunday, India also stressed that it is the need of the hour to reduce immediate tension there. There is no denying that the dispute between Israel and Palestine is old and there have been violent clashes between them. But such violence had not happened there since 2014. Obviously, if this violence continues, the possibility of further spread will increase. Therefore, this is not the time to go into these questions, on whose behalf did the violence begin and who is responsible for both sides. The important fact is that not only the innocent citizens on both sides are paying the price for this violence, but they are also falling prey to it, which has nothing to do with the ongoing dispute between the two sides. . While the Israeli missile targeted the offices of media personnel in Gaza, young Palestinian nurse Soumya Santosh was among the victims of the Palestinian attack, who was working to save her life there. Despite neither of these two sides showing any readiness to stop the violence, it is clear that the matter is not just for responding to any specific action or exercising their right of defense.

While this phase of violence is giving extremists like Hamas an opportunity to increase their penetration in the Palestinian society, the Netanyahu government, which has come in a minority, is also providing the last opportunity to save its existence. But when the world is already facing the fierce challenge of the corona virus, then the chance of becoming a claimant for this spark of violence cannot be missed. Of course this dispute is old and it is difficult for either party to agree on a particular formula overnight, but until that happens, there is no unilateral attempt to change the status quo, even to ensure that both sides It is necessary to maintain minimum trust. That work can only be done by dialogue between the two sides. It is to be hoped that the intervention of the international fraternity following the appeal of the United Nations Security Council will be successful in taking both sides towards it.