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Mushrooms seen on the surface of Mars … 4 events that point towards Alien

Mushrooms grown on the surface of Mars. Surprisingly, how did mushrooms grow on the surface of the red planet where there is no atmosphere worth living? The Mars Exploration Rover Operationality of the US space agency NASA has taken a picture of these Mars Mushrooms with its camera. These pictures do not belong to today. The picture is from the year 2004, but a recent study has revealed that it is a mushroom-like Haematite Concretions. Hematite is formed by mixing iron and oxygen.

Hematite concretion is spherical. In which hematite mineral is full. This metal is also used on earth. These spherical hematite concretions have accumulated over a long period of time. When the heat rises on the surface of Mars and the surface moisture evaporates, then only this element of iron catches that moisture. Then it becomes like a sphere with air. However some scientists believe that it can also be caused by some volcanic activity.

Ideally these mushrooms are not there. At the place where the Operational Rover landed in the year 2004, they were present in large quantities all around. When the surface of Mars was dug, these circular shapes also came out of it. It is not that these spherical shapes on Mars have been linked to Alien life. Earlier on August 7, 1996, then US President Bill Clinton said in the White House that our scientists had deposited meteorites from Antarctica in 1984. In which ancient fossilized insects were present.

Bill Clinton claimed that these are microorganisms. That is, micro organisms. The name of this meteorite is ALH 84001. This stone also came to Earth from Mars. It must have come towards Earth due to volcanic eruption on Mars or by an explosion after hitting an asteroid. Before coming to Earth, he must have traveled millions of years in space. After this, it must have come down in Antarctica, located on the South Pole of the Earth.

When scientists studied these micro-organisms with a powerful microscope, it was found that they have now become fossils. They are millions of years old. However, the exact place and time of their origin could not be ascertained. Even today, many scientists dispute with them. Also, they keep giving their own theory. Many scientists claim that often inorganic processes create conditions that seem to have formed many organic or organic shapes around. This means that if something resembles living or living beings, it is not necessarily a sign of life.

In 1970, the Viking Robotic Lander of NASA conducted several experiments on Mars. He examined the surface of the ground to find out if there were micro-organisms there. Chemicals were applied to the soil of Mars. This robotic lander was doing it by itself. In a sample, the robot mixed radioactive carbon-14 on the soil of Mars. The reason behind this is that if there is an evolving life or there are microbes, then they will absorb it. Later, carbon-14 will gradually disappear in the air. But in the Viking Chamber where this process was going on, the heat was increasing.

Scientists thought that if the heat increased, microbes would be killed. But strange happened here. The amount of carbon-14 inside the chamber started to increase after reacting with the soil of Mars. While it should have ended. Ultimately, the heat increased so much that the temperature inside the chamber boiled to a higher temperature. However, no result of this experiment was revealed. But radioactive carbon-14 was supposed to end up in such an environment, which went on increasing with higher temperatures.

Recently a small amount of methane gas was found on Mars. This gas suggests that there are microorganisms there. Because the microorganisms living on the earth emit methane gas. But even from this, it is not known whether there is life on Mars or not. Because many inorganic processes also emit methane gas. Even if the stones are hot, methane gases are released.

In 1977, America’s Big Year Radio Telescope caught a strange radio signal. This signal was for a few minutes. But very powerful and its frequency range was very thin. The same signal was not caught again till date. At the time Joe was working on the Astronomer radio telescope. He made a circle with a red pen on the printout of the signal and wrote WOW !. Many scientists believe that the signal may have come from a comet emanating from the side of the earth. Or it will belong to a satellite. But till date the origin of that signal has not been known.

From Mars to Antarctica. There are many stories ranging from UFO to Alien to see, the mystery behind which has not been uncovered till date. Recently former US President Barack Obama said that there are aliens. They have been seen But there is a constant debate about whether there is life on Mars. Should also be … because NASA is preparing to send man to Mars in association with Elon Musk’s company Space X.

Photos by NASA