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Madhya Pradesh : BJP leaders speaking in virtual meeting

Modi achieved unprecedented growth in seven years: BJP

On the completion of seven years of BJP’s Modi government, in a virtual meeting chaired by District President Chandraprakash Khare and Chief Minister of State Minister / District In-charge Pranshudatt Dwivedi, Dwivedi said that under the leadership of Modi, the welfare of the country and countrymen and Respect is being ensured.

On Wednesday, chief in-charge district in-charge Pranshudutt Dwivedi said that BJP governments have made many provisions for the welfare of workers. Indians are making 100% contribution to fulfill the resolve of self-reliant India led by Modi government. Chandraprakash Khare said that Modi has taken the task of realizing the dreams of Pandit Dayal Upadhyay and Nanaji Deshmukh by taking a pledge. The development of Uttar Pradesh with the country is being attempted by the Modi government at the center.
District General Secretary Alok Pandey said that what has not happened in decades has happened in seven years. Modi government has got rid of corruption. Villages, poor, farmers, youth, women have been developed. The seven years of the Modi government of the BJP are unprecedented. On May 30, the workers will perform village-to-village service and will donate blood in the blood donation camp on May 28 and 29.

In the virtual meeting, Raghavendra Singh, Bhagwat Tripathi, Ashwani Awasthi, Anju Verma, Mahendra Kotarya, Pankaj Aggarwal, Hariom Karwariya, Brijendra Pandey, Rambabu Gupta, Rajesh Jaiswal and many other BJP members were present.