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South Korea : Mask out of the house is not necessary since July, the government announced

Those who take a dose of vaccine get a discount

On one hand, Corona continues to wreak havoc all over the world, while in the meantime, there is good news for the people of South Korea that they may soon be able to roam outside the house soon. South Korea said it would no longer be required to apply masks outside the home from July. This exemption has been given to those taking a dose of Corona vaccine. South Korea’s move is aimed at promoting vaccination. The government said the move is intended to encourage people to get vaccinated as South Korea aims to have at least 70 percent of its 52 million people vaccinated by September. Right now only 7.7 percent of the people in the country have been vaccinated.
At the response meeting on the corona virus, Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum said that people who have taken at least one dose of the vaccine will also be allowed to collect in large numbers from June. However, the quarantine rules will not be exempt until October. He said that when more than 70 people in the country received their first dose of vaccine, all quarantine measures would be scrapped in October.