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Uttar Pradesh / Saharanpur : Cloth traders gave memorandum to District Magistrate to open shops as per rules

The Raiwala Textile Trade Association today reached the District Magistrate’s Office under the leadership of Chairman Ajay Kalra and handed over a memorandum.
The traders demanded in the memorandum that the administration should give orders to open the textile market as per the rules. So that the cotton cloth filled in the shops is saved from spoilage, because the cloth gets spoiled by keeping it closed for a long time and in most of the shops, the cotton cloth which is worn in summer is full. After some time, the cloth kept like this will be spoiled. According to the rules, he demanded to open the market soon so that the cloth can be saved from spoilage and the traders can also do their business and their families can take the expenses of the laborers working at the shop. Among those who gave the memorandum were chief ministers Dharmendra Khanna, Deepak Sachdeva, convener Gulshan Kumar, Manoj Kumar, HS Kishore, Vimal etc.