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Merciless: New pictures of beating the ocean brutally came out, Sushil wrestler crossed the extent of cruelty

Some pictures have gone viral in the Sagar Dhankad murder case on May 4 at the Chhatrasal Stadium in Delhi. Which is the day of the event. In these pictures, Sushil Kumar is seen clearly beating Sagar and his friends brutally with the poles along with their companions. CCTV footage of the incident at Chhatrasal Stadium shows Sushil beating Sagar Dhankhar and two others along with 20-25 wrestlers and Asauda gang miscreants. Everybody is seen hitting the ocean with kick-punches, baton, bat and hockey. The footage also shows hockey running over Sushil Sagar and two other victims. All wrestlers and crooks are captured in the stadium’s CCTV camera. At the same time, another new revelation has been revealed about Olympian Sushil Kumar. Olympian Sushil Kumar has alliances with not one or two gangsters from Haryana and UP but all gangsters, including Delhi-NCR. He has good relations with all the gangsters. He has been close to most gangsters Kala Jathedi and Naveen Bali.

A senior official source of Delhi Police has revealed that Sushil Kala was helping to set up Jathedi’s liquor business. The officer of a Delhi Police unit has claimed that they have a recording of their conversation.

On the other hand, during his absconding, Sushil has compromised with Kala Jathedi. With the help of some gangsters, Sushil is compromised with Kala Jathedi. A senior officer of the Special Cell of Delhi Police said that Naveen Bali, who is in jail, has been very close to Sushil.

Naveen Neeraj is very close to Bawania. Sushil’s relationship with Kala Asauda has been revealed. Members of the Kala Asauda gang were involved in the murder of junior wrestler Sagar Dhankhar at Chhatrasal Stadium. The Rohini police arrested four Asauda gang members on Wednesday.

Neeraj Bawaniya is running this gang after Kala Asauda was killed in an encounter. About six gangs, including Kala Jathedi, Laurence Vishrai, have allied with each other at this time. Sushil had a good identity in these gangs because of Kala Jathedi.

It is being told that at this time Kala Jathedi is trying his hand in the liquor business. Sushil was helping him to set up this business. The police officer said that Sushil was telling Jhedi the names of such men who could set up his liquor business. Sushil is well known to some gangsters of Najafgarh. All the gangsters are in the top-10 list of Delhi Police.

Sushil’s agreement with black jawthi

Sushil and his associates also beat up Sonia Mahal, a black jatha’s henchman at Chhatrasal Stadium. According to police sources, Sushil contacted Kala Jathedi after the incident. Sushil tells him that he has made a mistake. In such a situation, Kala Jathedi had said that you did not do it right. In such a situation, Sushil started worrying about his life.

A Delhi Police official has claimed that an agreement has been reached between Sushil and Kala Jathedi. It is being told that Sushil has contacted Kala Jathedi during the absconding. In such a situation, this problem has arisen in front of the police whether Sonu Mahal will give a statement against Sushil or not.