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Uttarakhand : Transport Ministry changes the rules, if a four-year-old child sits on a bike with his wife, a challan will be done.

It can now be expensive for children to ride motorcycles fearlessly. The Transport Ministry has amended the rules related to road safety. Under this, a child above the age of four years will be counted as a ride.

The Ministry and Department of Transport are very serious about riding a motorcycle or scooter. According to the new Motor Vehicle Act, a child older than four years will be counted as the third ride. In such a situation, if you are riding your two-wheeler, you are going to sit with the child and wife and the child is more than four years old, then your challan can be cut.

According to Section 194-A of the Motor Vehicles Act, you can deduct a challan of Rs 1000 for violating this rule.

With this, even if you are joining two children on your motorcycle or scooter, then the challan can also be deducted. Actually, according to the new Motor Vehicle Act, if the child is more than four years of age and the child is not wearing a helmet, then a challan of Rs 1000 can be deducted.

Fines and jail if driving license is not shown

Under Section 180 of the Motor Vehicles Act, if the traffic police stop you while driving a car and ask for a driving license. If you do not show DL, then you can face a fine of Rs 5000 and jail for three months.

Department moved towards digital mode
The Department of Transportation is increasingly moving towards digital mode. There is no need to physically show DL and other documents during checking. You can also show your documents via M-Transport or DigiLocker.

Apart from this, now the complete information will be uploaded on the portal in case of challan. The process of cancellation of driving license will also be implemented through the portal itself. According to the Uttarakhand Transport Department, these rules have been implemented.