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Salute to the spirit of Dhoundiyal’s wife, Lieutenant Nikita became ‘Indian Army’

Sagar massacre:. Major Vibhuti Shankar Dhoundiyal was martyred in the Pulwama attack in the year 2019. Be aware that the martyr Major Dhoundiyal was married only 10 months before his martyrdom. In such a situation, after his death, his 27-year-old wife Nikita Kaul Dhoundiyal was widowed, but Nikita Dhoundiyal did not give up at that time and made up her mind that she would join the army. His decision has now come to fruition when Nikita joined the army on 29 May 2021. After joining the army, she has now become ‘Lieutenant Nitika Dhoundiyal’. Nitika today donned the Indian Army uniform and paid tribute to the martyr Major Vibhuti Shankar.
Major Dhoundiyal and Nitika were married for only 10 months and in April 2019, both of them had their first marriage anniversary. Calling her husband a brave soldier, Nitika Kaul said that she was confident that her husband’s martyrdom would inspire more people to join forces.

When his body reached his hometown after the martyrdom of Major Dhondiyal, wife Nitika could not live without being proud of him. Nitika, standing near the dead body of Major Dhoundiyal, saluted her husband. Nitika said, ‘You lied to me that you love me. You loved your country more than me and I am proud of it. In a conversation with the media, Nitika had said that she is not a poor person but the wife of a brave martyr and she is proud of her husband’s martyrdom.

The way Nitika gave a final farewell to her brave husband by saying ‘Jai Hind’ with moist eyes, since then she has become everyone’s idol. 30-year-old Nitika passed the Short Service Commission (SSC) examination last year, after which she has been inducted into the army. Now she too is ready to fight against enemies by wearing uniform of army officer like her husband.