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Prachi Desai explained why she works in less films

Actress Prachi Desai, who stepped into films after a successful career in TV, has spoken of turning down films after being humiliated by several directors. She has said that she was asked to focus on looking hot for a long time. When he refused to work in such films, his negative image was made in the industry. Prachi Desai spoke openly during an interview and also shared many things about the discrimination with him.

Prachi told that, ‘I never wanted to work in such films which are sexist and in this industry I have fought for a long time to look hot. People wanted me to be hot. I got feedback from many producers and directors that I have to work when I’m hot. That’s why I chose less work and I started staying away from this industry. I refused to work in many big films because they had to be sexist in all those films.

Prachi further said that, ‘There are some famous directors in the industry who approached for work. I was also humiliated for the work. If they believed, these directors felt that they are doing them a favor by giving them work in the film.

Let us tell you, Prachi made her acting debut with the TV show ‘Kasam Se’. He started his film career with the film ‘Rock on’. Also, the actress has appeared in films like Life Partner, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Bol Bachchan and I, Me and Mai.