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Star’s idea changing fast: Tamannaah Bhatia

Actress Tamannaa Bhatia feels that the idea of Star is changing rapidly after the boom in the digital space. Tamannaah has been one of the biggest names in Tamil and Telugu industries for more than a decade and has also acted in Bollywood and Kannada films. Having tasted success on the big screen, he has now ventured into the digital space. This year, she will be seen in the web series The 11 Hour and most recently, November Story.

Tamannaa said she certainly does not feel the need to choose between the two mediums. There is nothing to choose from because at least in my case I have both. I guess the fan following could have been one. Say, 10 years ago it would be difficult for today’s generation, because with the situation due to the pandemic, the sentiments around films are different. The way to watch cinema is going to be different.

So, the whole idea of a star is changing very fast, and people are watching the content and liking the content, not just an actor or individual talent, he added.
He said, Tamannaa considers herself lucky that she has garnered a loyal fan following through cinema. I think the idea of stardom that I saw 10 years ago was probably the most organic way to develop a loyal fanbase that I have had the good fortune to experience.

Talking about her new show, the crime thriller November Story, the actress says that it doesn’t happen every day when one finds a character that has a detailed emotion graph.
I have never been a part of any crime thriller before. Therefore, the genre is new to me and it has primarily inspired me to explore a father-daughter relationship. It had many angles as to why it became unique and new to me, and it was literally like maintaining tension through the show in every issue. It was challenging and I had never done it in my career. He said about the seven-episode whodunit, which stars Pasupati, GM Kumar, Aruldas and Vivek Prasanna and will air on Disney Plus Hotstar VIP.