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Maggie maker Nestle itself admitted, 60 percent of the product is not healthy

Nestle, which makes Maggie Noodles, KitKat and Nescafe, has admitted that more than 70 percent of its food products are not healthy. This means that the Maggi you are eating may not be good for your health. The world’s largest food company even admitted that some of its products will never be healthy no matter how much we renew. The company has issued a report saying that it has started investigating the nutritional value in its products and is also working on its strategy. Full work is being done to ensure that the product is healthy and tasty.

Coffee is healthy!

This report is based on a survey conducted in early 2021. According to the report, only 37 percent of Nestle’s products have achieved a rating of 3.5 or above under Australia’s Health Star rating system. The company considered the 3.5-star rating the recognized definition of health. The system rates foods on a scale of 5 stars and is used as a benchmark by international groups. Of the company’s food and beverage portfolio, 70 per cent of products failed to make the cut, with 90 per cent of beverages excluding pure coffee. However, water and dairy products performed better with 82 per cent water and 60 per cent dairy. We have made significant improvements to our products. But our portfolio is still poor in health category. The Swiss company said in a statement that it is working on a company-wide project to update its nutrition and health strategy and is looking at its entire portfolio to ensure that its products meet people’s nutritional needs. helped to meet the needs.