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Uttarakhand : After allopathy, now Baba Ramdev targeted astrology, said this thing

After allopathy, now Baba Ramdev has targeted astrology. Yoga guru Swami Ramdev said that all the Muhurats have been made by God. Astrologers keep deceiving in the name of time, clock, muhurta. This too is a whole one lakh crore industry.

They tell fortunes while sitting. No one came to know when Modi ji stopped five hundred and one thousand notes. No astrologer even told that Corona is going to come. No one told that black fungus is also going to come after this.

He was speaking to the seekers in a yoga camp. He said that no one has told that Baba Ramdev is going to give the solution to Corona from Coronil. I speak purely Hindi and Sanskrit. In between, I also hit English speakers. Because they used to say that speaking Hindi and Sanskrit cannot become a big man.

Now Hindi and Sanskrit speakers put up such flags that everyone says that one should study Hindi, one should study Sanskrit. He said that only those who study in Gurukul will run the country. I will tell after 20-25 years by using it.

Patanjali tested coronil on fish

Patanjali has tested the coronil on zebra fish (a species of fish) found in the rivers of Uttarakhand. Dr. Ajay Khanna, Secretary, IMA Uttarakhand has claimed this.

He said that Patanjali himself has given this information in a research paper published in the journal Pythomedicine.

He said that according to the rules, the drug tested on fish cannot be used on humans. Said that even the fish was not tested properly.

The fish should have been given coronil after infecting the corona. So that, to know whether it is having any effect on the virus or not, but it was not done.