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Virat Kohli denies reports of being a pure vegetarian

Indian skipper Virat Kohli has rubbished reports that he has become a pure vegetarian. He also said that he is such a vegetarian who eats only vegetables. A pure vegetarian is one who does not eat food derived from animals, including milk and milk products including eggs.

Kohli tweeted and said, I have never claimed that I am a pure vegetarian. Always said that I am a vegetarian who eats vegetables. Although Kohli did not clarify whether he eats eggs or not, but being a pure vegetarian, it can be inferred that he does not abstain from milk and milk products.
Earlier, a report claimed that he turned pure vegetarian in 2018 along with his wife. The Indian team will leave for England late on Wednesday night for the final match of the World Test Championship against New Zealand and the five-match Test series against England under the leadership of Kohli.